Daddy Chet

Story by Mad Dog
Photo by Michael Gosney

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This whole thing is Chet Helms' baby. He had the dream. The vision. Without him this never would have become a reality. Even with him it almost didn't.

A year ago he had a cosmic flash that the 30th Anniversary of the Summer of Love was something worth celebrating. People agreed. Then came the steady stream of obstacles. The City. Money. Permits. Money. Bands. Money. Vendors. Money. Somehow he worked his way around it and gathered a volunteer staff to produce it.

He should be proud of his baby. It was more than nine months in the making. It will live and grow. Maybe it will have a younger sibling that will pop out ten years from now. Maybe not. I'm sure he'll think twice before doing it again. But knowing Chet I'm sure he'll do it. Some people never learn.

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