Rumors we haven't heard yet (oddly enough)

Story by Mad Dog
Photo by Robert Altman

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- Janis will make a surprise appearance

- Due to inflation, free love costs $17.94 today.

- The Karma booth ran out of six-packs before noon.

- Tie Dye repels El Nino.

- Chet Helms thought he saw God but it turned out to be Wavy Gravy.

- This celebration was predicted by Nostradamus, the Book of Revelation, and Jeanne Dixon.

- Hunter Thompson and Ken Kesey tried to get here on the Merry Prankster bus but got snowed-in in the mountains of Oregon. (Actually, this is true. Or so they say. I picture them on the bus, Thompson waving a gun and a cigarette, Kesey wondering why he left the hospital for this. I keep flashing back to the Donner party.)

- Nine Inch Nails was going to play but they ate the brown acid.

- They're already planning the 40th Anniversary celebration.

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