The Summer Of Love For Sale

Story by Mad Dog
Photo by Michal Gosney

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Booths line the two sides of the grounds. The "official" vendors use them while the anarchistic free trade capitalists—I mean, love children—set up temporary store encampments or wander through the crowd holding belts and jewelry and clothing for sale.

There's contemporary Indian crafts, hair braiding, and juggle sticks. Peacock feathers, leather vests, and Summer of Love stickers for only a buck apiece. Unofficial, of course. There's food (BBQ, sausage sandwiches, and much more meat than tofu), plenty to drink (insert blatant plug for sponsors Intelligent Choice and Miller beer here), and rolling papers and pipes (imagine that!). Tie dye, tie dye, and more tie dye.

The hemp clothing booth is next to Cellular One. Hey, it's the 90's.

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