The Oracle and The Muse

Story by Michael Gosney
Photo by Robert Altman

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Allen Cohen, founder of the San Francisco Oracle, the original underground newspaper, poses backstage with Mountain Girl, Jerry Garcia's partner, wife and muse, and a noteworthy figure in the Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test.

Allen, along with Chet Helms and others, organized the first Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park held January 14, 1967. On January 1992, he gave a multimedia presentation at San Francisco's 4th Annual Digital Be-In in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Human Be-In. Four years later, the presentation had evolved into a full-fledged CD-ROM developed by Tony Bove and Rockument. The classic multimedia title, for the time being out of print, contains Dead licks, incredible graphics, history, games - and comes packaged in a cigar box for convenient stash management.

Mountain Girl knows better than most - what goes around comes around.

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